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Sep 21, 2023 | OSMHG | 249 views
A Sincere Thank You to Our Owen Sound Minor Hockey Coaches, Managers, and Trainers
Owen Sound Minor Hockey recently gathered its dedicated coaches, managers, and trainers for an invaluable information sharing and training session. This gathering was a testament to our commitment to excellence, growth and development.  None of this would be possible without the dedication of these individuals who play such a crucial role in our organization.

A Collaborative Spirit:

The purpose of this meeting was not only to provide updates on our organization's operations but also to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. We firmly believe that a strong team community encourages openness and collaboration, leading to a successful and fulfilling season ahead.  And no one benefits more than our young athletes.

Updates and Expectations:

During the session, we had the opportunity to share vital updates regarding our operations, ensuring everyone is on the same page as we approach the upcoming season.  Additionally, we discussed our expectations for the season ahead, truly emphasizing the importance of Hard Work, Teamwork and Respect and how vital that is; not only in the growth of our young athletes, but us all as a collective team.

Building for Success:

Our Coaches, Managers, and Trainers remain the backbone of Owen Sound Minor Hockey.
Your dedication and passion for the sport are truly commendable, and it's through your hard work and guidance that our players continue to thrive.  This is never as obvious as your eagerness to contribute, learn and grow your own knowledge and skills.

A Grateful Organization:

As an organization, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you who attended this information sharing and training session.  Your commitment to the development of our young athletes and the success of our organization's objectives are deeply appreciated.
We would also like to reiterate that the Owen Sound Minor Hockey Executive team continues to be her to support you every step of the way.  We are committed to ensuring you have the resources and assistance needed to provide the best experience possible for our member.

As We Move Forward:

Together, we are building not just a hockey team, but a community that values, teamwork, openness, and a shared love for the game.  We look forward to the upcoming season with enthusiasm, knowing that with Coaches, Managers, and Trainers like you, our players are in the best possible hands.
Thank you for your dedication, and let's make this season one to remember!

~ Owen Sound Minor Hockey Executive ~


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