2022-23 Referee Rates (Owen Sound Minor Hockey Group)

Print2022-23 Referee Rates
The following Minimum rates apply for all OMHA representative games in all series. Any overtime periods are included in the game lengths.

Mileage will be paid at the annual Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) mileage rate per Kilometre each way with all Officials in one car wherever possible. Note 1: When the game(s) require 2 or 3 officials one mileage shall be paid. When the game(s) require 4 officials a second mileage shall be added. Note 2: Any person charging or accepting more than the above rates, will be subject to immediate sanction until their case has been dealt with by the OMHA Board. 

   A four (4) official system is only permitted at the U15, U18 and U21 level.