2024-25 Team Tournament Advance Request (Owen Sound Minor Hockey Group)

2024-25 Team Tournament Advance Request
To participate in the OSMHG Tournament Advance program, please fill out this form to request up to $3000 per team for tournament registration purposes. Eligibility requires having an established "Team" bank account; personal accounts will not suffice. Also, each team must supply all planned tournament dates for scheduling purposes. Repayment of the advance in full is required by January 15th, 2025. Please ensure all details are accurate for prompt processing.

Team Information

Please provide the following details specifically related to your team:

Advance Details

Please provide the necessary information related to this request:

Tournament Details

Please list the tournaments and their dates that your team wishes to participate in.


This information will be used for the distribution of the advance and repayment arrangements.

Acknowledgment and Agreement

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Accuracy of Information: I certify that all information provided in this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Repayment Terms: I understand that the funding advance must be repaid in full by January 15, 2025.
  3. Repayment Address: I agree to send the repayment to the following address:

Brian Seaman
C/O Owen Sound Minor Hockey Group
175 Carney Street
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 6V5